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Roger Fiszelson

Managing Director
Confederation of International Contractors’ Association (CICA), France

Fiszelson Roger, is managing director of the Confederation of International Contractors’ Association (CICA) and Delegate General French International Contractors’ Association (SEFI). From 1978 to 2003, he worked as head of structured finance. He was head of structured finance in Vinci Concessions, GTM, Dumez and SAE (Société Auxiliaire d’Entreprises-Merging in Eiffage in 1992)

Since 2003, he has been the Managing Director of Association of French International Contractors.

He got his master degree from Faculté de Paris II – Assas in management in 1969. Then in 1970, he got PH. D Certificates in management from University Paris IX – Dauphine. In the same year, he studied economic and finances in Institut d’Etudes Politique –Paris. In 1978 he received specialized training in finance in Institut Superieur des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales – ESSEC Group. He has good command in English and Spanish.

He has published Co-Development. View point on economic and financial prospect in Revue de droit des affaires internationals in 1999. In 2000, his article Analysis and risks sharing: Key Factor for success In Public Privat Partnership was published by Presses de l’Ecole National des Ponts et Chaussées. In 2002, EIC White Book on BOT/PPP was published when he was head of Working Group of The European International Contractors. After that, he also published Risks assessment In Public Privat Partnership-Accomex n° - 50, Global Assessment of Partnership contracts and New Partnership contracts. 2005New Partnership contracts. In Collection Guide Juridique Editions le Moniteur. Financing Infrastructures and Utilities – Public Private Partnership contribution. 2007 Second edition. New Partnership contracts. 2012 Concept note on concession and PPP: CICA-Institut Français des Experts Juridiques Internationaux (IFEJI) Paris bar

He is a Member of UNECE PPP Business Advisory Board since January, 2014.