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Richard Ornitz

Infralinx Capital, United States of America

Richard Ornitz is a a seasoned and recognized infrastructure and investment market leader having done these projects over many years on most every continent as each an engineer, lawyer, investment banker and investor. Prior to serving as Chairman of Infralinx He has worked with and represented global contractors and concessionaires of most nationalities, governments, investment banks, banks, multilateral finance institutions and also served and continues to serve on the UN and US advisory boards for development of this market globally. In the early days he also served on the US Secretary of State private advisory board and learned his international deal doing at Cravath Swaine et Moore and then as a senior member of management of Degussa, a fortune 100 Germany global company based in Frankfurt Germany.

Richard has a reputation as a creative problem solver and deal doer, who understands the perspectives and legitimate needs of the various parties in these deals,brings them together and makes it happen while also structuring and sourcing the most efficient capital including any needed credit enhancement.

He is a member of the BAB since January 2014.