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James Donovan

ADEC Innovations

Entrepreneurial CEO and Global Business Leader in Sustainability and Impact Investment; Strategic advisor to international organizations, businesses and governments on Public Private Partnerships, Sustainability and Environmental Social and Governance.

Co-founded an outsourcing firm in Manila in 1996 and grew the same to become a global enterprise. ADEC Innovations group of companies today is a global enterprise providing business intelligence and innovative sustainability solutions that address Environmental, Social and Governance concerns of companies. ADEC Innovations presently has about 5'000 employees globally and operations spanning across five (5) continents – Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and Australia.

Member companies of ADEC Innovations include:

  • American Data Exchange
  • ADEC Solutions
  • FirstCarbon Solutions
  • A-PLUS Education
  • Pharma KPO Corporation
  • Envirosite


He is a Member of UNECE PPP Business Advisory Board since April, 2016.