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Bruno de Cazalet

Senior PPP Legal Adviser
Former Senior Partner at Gide Loyrette Nouel, France
Doctor at Law
Honorary Member of the Paris Bar

Bruno de Cazalet has been a Partner of the firm Gide Loyrette Nouel since 1981 until 2011 and in charge of GIDE Tunis office until May 2013. He is now practicing as independent PPP consultant. Foreign Trade Advisor to the French Government (CCE) since 1988.

He has significant experience in the field of PPP worldwide and in numerous sectors including various type of transport infrastructure (roads, ports, airports) as well as in the water and wastewater and in the Energy sector but also in more innovative PPP field such as satellite (RASCOM) or agriculture irrigation (Guerdane and 6 other projects in Morocco) . He combines a unique experience of advisor for the development of project and with respect to institutional and regulatory work.

Bruno de Cazalet has been assisting for twenty years investors and public bodies in the development of PPP project in numerous sectors and everywhere in the world. He was the chief legal advisors to TML the company regrouping the ten construction contractors for the Channel Tunnel project 1992-1994. He has assisted the Chinese government in the first Chinese BOT pilot project (Labin B power plant)-1996. He has been involved as advisor for the sponsors of the first BOT power projects in North Africa (Jorf Lasfar in Morocco and Rades in Tunisia) and in sub-Saharan Africa (Azito in Ivory Coast). He has advised the sponsors for the concession of water distribution, distribution of electricity and liquid sewage for the cities of Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier and Tetouan in Morocco.  He was involved as advisor for the US Sponsors for the BOOT project financing of the Lome Power Plant (100MW) in Togo which successfully achieved financial closing in 2009 and is now completed and in commercial operation.

He has been conducting legislative and regulatory works on PPP and concessions for governments in numerous countries. He was advisor for the World Bank and the Egyptian government for the drafting of the PPP law N°67 of 2010. He assisted the Counsel of Minister of Bulgaria with respect to improvement of its PPP law. He has participated to numerous missions in emerging countries as UNIDO BOT expert and he was also as UNIDO expert the legal advisor to the Iraqi government in the frame of the UN legislative Program for Private Sector Development in Iraq in charge of the Economic Reform Law and of the assessment and revision of all business related regulations (2010-2011).
Bruno de Cazalet has been in charge since 2005 of the "EBRD Assessment of the concession and PPP legal framework" for each of the 34 EBRD's countries of operation including the 2011-2012 update which is now available on EBRD Web site. He advise ADB with respect to PPP in China- 2014.

Member of the UNCITRAL panel of experts for the drafting of the “Legislative Guide for Private Financed of Infrastructure Projects” approved by the UNCITRAL Commission in July 2000 he is now working with UNCITRAL on the potential updating of the Guide or drafting of a Model PPP Law. He has contributed to the drafting of the UNECE Guidebook on promoting good governance in Public-Private Partnerships edited by the United Nation in 2008. 

He is a Member of UNECE PPP Business Advisory Board since January, 2014.