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In partnership with the Ministry of Equipment and Transport of the Kingdom of Morocco, ESCWA held an expert group meeting on "Unlocking Infrastructure Investments and Mobilising Financial Resources in the Arab Region," from 17 to 18 April 2013 at the Ministry of Equipment and Transport, Rabat.

Because their economics are growing strongly. There are excellent opportunities for doing PPPs in this region. The demand for better infrastructure is high. Recent political changes make governments more aware of the needs to consult with their citizens. For Morocco, renewable energy is particularly exciting sector; its climate is manes such investment in this sector attractive. Countries are looking for new ways to finance PPPs in their economies. For example Libya it appears is considering adopting the same model as Norway and Netherlands in very renewables from its oil.  

Another stimulus to PPP is the funding strategy of the oil rich countries like the UAE. Various international investment banks are willing to invest in PPP in the region, sometimes using Islamic financing principles. This type of financing is becoming more common. For example, all major companies and organizations working in the Middle East or Kazakhstan already do, or are starting to use, Islamic financing. One interesting new development is the practice of combining Islamic Financing with PPP. This would significantly help this region. ESCWA, knowing the region, and UNECE knowing PPP and the government of Dubai are looking into the possibilities to set-up a Specialist Centre on PPP and Islamic Financing under the auspices of the International Centre of Excellence on PPPs.