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Solutions for Pratcitioners

"Solutions for Practitioners” will provide policy makers and PPP clients/contractors/advisors with an exceptional, concise, and commercially unbiased assessment of international best-practice strategies in the assessment, contracting, financing, and delivery of PPP projects in the specific sector.

This is an initiative to develop best-practice using a grounded theory approach from a true international selection of real case studies. The use of an independent expert review panel (an Editorial Board) will ensure that case studies represent a fair balance of regions, strategies, successes, and failures.

The “Solutions for Practitioners” Guide will also provide a clear qualitative research agenda, to support further research into best practice in the delivery of PPP in the specific sector.


What is Best-Practice? (2 pages)
•    definition
•    formal qualitative research agenda

Best-Practice PPP in the specific sector (5-10 pages)
•    Summary of key universal best-practice learning as derived from case-studies

PPP project categorisation (2 pages)
•    Outline of how to classify the complexity of PPP projects

PPP financing strategies (5 pages)
•    Outline of the financing strategies available for PPP projects

PPP contracting strategies (5 pages)
•    Outline of the contacting strategies available for PPP projects

Case Studies (50-80 pages each, plus attachments)
Individual case studies on PPP projects in the specific sector, developed using a pro-forma guide for consistency, and peer-reviewed for validity.