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Twelfth session of the Team of Specialists on Innovation and Competitiveness Policies

5 - 6 December 2019

Salle XII, Palais des Nations, Geneva

Aziza Akhmouch is the Head of the Cities, Urban Policies and Sustainable Development division at the OECD. She leads a team of analysts and economists advising governments with new data, evidence, and guidance in a wide range of urban policies to foster smart, inclusive, competitive and sustainable cities. Amongst others, she oversees the OECD Metropolitan and National Urban Policy Reviews, and a broad range of thematic work related to housing, transport, smart cites, urban green growth, cities and climate change, water governance, cities and circular economy, localising the Sustainable Development Goals and metropolitan governance. Aziza Akhmouch founded the OECD Water Governance Programme and its multi-stakeholder network the OECD Water Governance Initiative; and is also responsible for the OECD Champion Mayors Initiative and the OECD Roundtable of Mayors and Ministers. She holds a PhD and MA in Geography, specialised in Geopolitics and a Master’s degree in International Business.