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10th Session UN/CEFACT Plenary

17 - 19 May 2004

Presentation made during the session [click......]


Report of the 10th session (TRADE/CEFACT/2004/38)   [Eng]   [Fre]   [Rus]

Document Symbol
TRADECEFACT/2003/21 Report of the Ninth Session 2
TRADE/CEFACT/2003/6/Rev.1 UN/CEFACT Intellectual Property Rights Policy 8
TRADE/R.650/Rev.3 Mandate and Terms of Reference of UN/CEFACT 9
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/1 Provisional agenda for the Tenth Session 1
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/2 Report of the CSG Meeting - May 2003 3
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/3 Report of the CSG Meeting - July 2003 3
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/4 Report of the CSG Meeting- October 2003 3
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/6 Outputs and major accomplishments of UN/CEFACT 5
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/7 Comments of the French HOD on the new structure 9
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/8 Report of the 4th UN/CEFACT Forum, Bonn 4
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/9 UN/CEFACT Electronic Business Vision 7
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/10 Comments from the secretariat on Organizational framework and the Strategic Directions for UN/CEFACT 7/9
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/11 Consolidated Mandates and Terms of Reference 4
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/11/Add.1 Consolidated Mandates and Terms of Reference for the ATG 4
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/11/Add.2 Consolidated Mandates and Terms of Reference for the ICG 4
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/11/Add.3 Consolidated Mandates and Terms of Reference for the LG 4
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/11/Add.4 Consolidated Mandates and Terms of Reference for the TBG 4
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/11/Add.5 Consolidated Mandates and Terms of Reference for the TMG 4
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/12 Report of the ATG 4
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/13 Report of the ICG 4
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/14 Report of the LG 4
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/15 Report of the TBG 4
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/16 Report of the TMG 4
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/17 Programme of work of the ATG 6
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/18 Programme of work of the ICG 6
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/19 Programme of work of the LG 6
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/20 Programme of work of the TBG 6
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/21 Programme of work of the TMG 6
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/22 Report of the UN/CEFACT Rapporteur for Asia 8
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/23 Report of the UN/CEFACT Standards Liaison Rapporteur 11
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/24 Report on the Czech Technical Assistance Project 11
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/25 Explanatory Note on IPR Policy 8
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/26 Project Proposal for External Support Services 10
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/27 Organizational Framework 9
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/28 Core Component Technical Specification Part 8 5
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/29 Report of the Policy Group 7
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/30 Report on the Importance of Trade Facilitation 7
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/31 UN/CEFACT Baseline Study 12
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/32 Secretariat Review of the UN/LOCODE 12
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/33 Secretariat Review of UN/EDIFACT 12
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/34 Strengthening the Role of Trade Facilitation within UN/CEFACT 7
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/35 Cooperation with other organizations 13
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/36 Summary document of the CSG Chairman 3
[EN] [FR[RU]
Secretariat comments on the Management, Mandates and Terms of Reference 9
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/MISC.1 Report of the CSG Chairman 3
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/MISC.2 Not issued 9
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/MISC.3 Report of the CSG meeting, Geneva, 19 - 22 January 2004 3
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/MISC.4 US Recommendation for Future Electronic Business Standards Development 8
TRADE/2004/19 Capacity-building and Technical Cooperation in Support of the Programme of Work of the CTIED 11
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/MISC.5 TBG's comments on new management structure  
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/MISC.6 ebXML Business Process Schema SpeciationsVersion 1.1 (BPSS)  
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/MISC.7 Single Window Recommendation  
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/MISC.8 Proposed Election Procedures for 2004  
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/MISC.9 German Position Paper  
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/MISC.10 Chairman's Position Paper  
TRADE/CEFACT/2004/MISC.11 Plenary Decisions made in 2004 session