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Business Requirement Specifications (BRS)

Document title VersionApproval
Business Requirements Specifications (BRS) - Documentation Template 2.0.1May 2012
Accounting bundle collection 1.2.0September 2010
Accounting chart of accounts 1.3.0April 2010
Accounting entry 3.9.1March 2011
Accounting financial reporting 1.4.0March 2010
Accounting in supply chain process 1.1.0March 2007
Accounting Journal Book Daybook 1.0.3December 2016
Accounting journal list 1.1.0March 2011
Accounting ledger 1.2.1August 2009
Accounting message 1.3.3March 2011
Accounting trial balance 1.4.0September 2010
Animal Traceability
1.2April 2017
Boostaero supply chain business
Description can be found in document TRADE/CEFACT/2005/22
[Eng]  [Fre]  [Rus]
March 2005
Buy-Pay-Ship Reference Data Model (BSP-RDM) BRS 1.0August 2019
Cargo tracing and tracking 2.5.2July 2012
Cattle registration information exchange 1.0.0May 2009
Contract financial execution management 3.0.1May 2013
Crop data sheet process (eDAPLOS) 0.7.0March 2007
Cross industry ordering process1.0.9September 2009
Cross industry catalogue information process1.0.4May 2009
Cross industry delivery process1.0.13
February 2009
September 2019
Cross industry invoice (CII)


January 2017
November 2008
February 2006

Cross industry quotation 1.0.12April 2010
Cross industry remittance advice


January 2010
May 2016
Cross industry scheduling 1.0.9
September 2008
July 2017
Cross industry common requirements
1.0.5November 2008
Data Pipeline Carrier 1.0June 2020
e-CMR 1.0February 2018
eCROP 1.0January 2018
Electronic agreement template and process0.1.2June 2006
Electronic data exchange proxy 0.4.0October 2009
Fisheries Language for Universal eXchange (FLUX); also known as "Electronic Interchange of fisheries catch data" P1000-v1.0
April 2016
August 2017
Electronic laboratory observation reporting message 0.96.0May 2014
eQuality 1.0May 2019
e-Tendering 2.8.0April 2007
Export specification (eCert) 5.1.0September 2010
International forwarding and transfer
1.0.0April 2008
Legal notice publication 0.0.1September 2012
Market research information 0.5.1December 2007
Material safety data sheet (MSDS) information 1.1.0August 2006
Multi-Modal Transport Reference Data Model 1.0May 2018
Project schedule and cost performance management 1.0.1April 2006
Purchase Order Financing 1.00September 2018
Smart Containers 1.0October 2019
Small-scale lodging house information process
Description can be found in document ECE/TRADE/CEFACT/2007/11
[Eng]  [Fre]  [Rus]
September 2006
Small-scale lodging house reservation information process1.0.0November 2012
Small-scale lodging house travel product information 1.0.0March 2009
Supply Chain Reference Data Model (SCRDM) 2017
Traceability of Primary Natural Products 1.0September 2017
Transfer of digital records 1.0.1June 2008
Transfrontier movement of waste
1.5.0January 2008
Transboundary Movements of Waste 1.0December 2016
Verified Gross Mass (VERMAS)
1.1March 2017