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Handbook on Sustainable Urban Mobility and Spatial Planning (September 2020)

Member States in the ECE and WHO European Region established the Transport,Health and Environment Pan European Programme (THE PEP) in 2002. By providing an intersectoral and intergovernmental policy framework, THE  ...
Transport Trends and Economics 2018–2019 - Mobility as a Service (February 2020)

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is a new mobility concept gaining pace in many cities around the world. Its value proposition concerns integration of mobility services which is realized by  ...
Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation for International Transport Networks (February 2020)

Download PDF (English) Regional maps available here Extreme weather events, some of which are increasing in intensity and frequency, as well as slower onset climate changes (for example, sea level rise) and  ...
Innovative Ways for Financing Transport Infrastructure (July 2018)

During recent decades governments all around the world were faced with a complicated set of options for investing in transport, including transport infrastructure. This publication examines main principles for determining  ...
Sustainable Urban Mobility and Public Transport (December 2015)

The inclusion of urban transport in the SDG 11 is further confirmation that transport is an essential component of the overall sustainable development. It is crucial to eradicating poverty and  ...
Diesel Engines Exhaust: Myths and Realities (May 2014)

Diesel Engines Exhaust: Myths and Realities Download PDF (English) The objective of this Discussion paper is: to offer a balanced view on the on‐going debate about the harmful effects of diesel engine exhaust  ...
Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation for International Transport Networks (April 2014)

Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation for International Transport Networks : interactive report Download PDF (English, also available in French and Russian) This report has been prepared to assist the work of the UNECE Group  ...
Transport Trends and Economics 2011-2012 (June 2013)

Transport Trends and Economics 2011-2012 Download PDF (English)
EATL Report Phase II (February 2013)

EATL Phase II Final Report Download PDF (English)
Hinterland Connections of Seaports (January 2010)

Methodological Basis Criteria for the Definition of Common Criteria regarding the Identification of Bottlenecks, Missing links and Quality of Service in Infrastructure Networks (January 2009)

English Following discussions about the need to update the methodology for the identification of bottlenecks and missing links adopted by the Inland Transport Committee in the early 1990s, government delegates in  ...
Set of Guidelines for Socio-Economic Cost Benefit Analysis of Transport Infrastructure Project Appraisal (January 2003)