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Inland Transport Security Discussion Forum

International terrorism and transnational organized crime pose serious threats to the transport sector and to our common safety and security. In recent years, ruthless terrorist attacks have made headlines by targeting inland transport in several countries of the ECE region with tragic results.  Many unsuccessful attempts have not made the headlines. Inland transport systems are faced with a complex range of security risks, including all kinds of trafficking, cyber threats posed to digitalised/ automated transport systems, illegal border crossings, and the theft of vehicles and high-value goods. Although air and maritime ports are also targets, inland transport is believed to be the least protected link in the global supply chain.

In response to this, the UNECE’s Inland Transport Committee has conducted a review of security in its transport legal instruments.  During this review it identified a lack of both political and technical awareness of inland transport security vulnerabilities and has recommended modifications to the legal instruments the ECE administers and the creation of a platform for national authorities and other stakeholders to exchange information, share best practices and coordinate action. In response to these proposals, since 2010 the ECE, with the support of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and other partners, has regularly organised Inland Transport Security Discussion Forum meetings which gather public and private sector representatives to address current issues in the field.