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The TIR Convention at the modern stage (English, Russian) + Text (English, Russian)

Latest and planned changes in the international TIR system (English)

Prospects of geographic expansion of the TIR system (Russian)

Technical regulations regarding load compartments and containers used for the transport of goods under customs seals (Russian)

Customs control measures based on the UNECE databases (English)

Private sector tools for risk management (SafeTIR, CuteWISE, TIR-EPD) (Russian)

Cooperation between Customs and national associations when granting operators access to the TIR procedure and ensuring subsequent control (Russian)

Experience of the Russian ASMAP in dealing with TIR Carnet holders and supervising the use of TIR Carnets by carriers, as risk management tools (Russian)

Application of the TIR Convention in the European Union: Poland’s experience (English)

Application of the TIR Convention in the Customs Union of EurAsEC (Russian) + Text (Russian)

Application of the TIR Convention in Turkey (English)

Application of the TIR Convention in Ukraine (Russian)

The study on the effectiveness of the TIR system in Central Asia carried out by the regional project USAID (Russian)

Results of the IRU NELTI project for the region of Central Asia (Russian)