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Getting the facts right (December 2013)

Metadata are data that define or describe other data. Metadata are essential for interpreting data and making meaningful comparisons over time and between countries. This is particularly so for reporting on Millennium  ...
Making Data Meaningful Part 3 (December 2010)

Making Data Meaningful Part 3 - A guide to communicating with the media. Available in English (475 KB).
Making Data Meaningful Part 2  (December 2010)

Making Data Meaningful Part 2 - A guide to presenting statistics. Available in English (1.9 MB), Russian (2.4 MB), Spanish (1.3 MB) - Spanish translation kindly provided by the Instituto  ...
Making Data Meaningful Part 1 (December 2010)

Making Data Meaningful Part 1 - A guide to writing stories about numbers. Available in  ...
Common Metadata Framework Part A  (December 2009)

Common Metadata Framework Common Metadata Framework Part A - Statistical Metadata in a Corporate Context: A guide for managers, available in  ...
Principles and Guidelines on Confidentiality Aspects of Data Integration Undertaken for Statistical or Related Research Purposes (December 2009)

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Proceedings of the 2007 Joint UNECE/Eurostat Work Session on Statistical Data Confidentiality (December 2009)

Read more (8.0 MB) (2009)
Managing Statistical Confidentiality and Microdata Access - Principles and Guidelines of Good Practice (December 2007)

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Statistical Data Editing - Volume 3: Impact on Data Quality (December 2006)

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Statistical Confidentiality and Access to Microdata (December 2003)

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A Guide to the Websites of National and International Statistical Organizations (December 2001)

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Best Practices in Designing Websites for Dissemination of Statistics (December 2001)

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Recommendations on Formats Relevant to the Downloading of Statistical Data from the Internet (December 2001)

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Statistical Metadata  (December 2000)

 Terminology on Statistical Metadata (2000)  Guidelines for Statistical Metadata on the Internet (2000)
Glossary of Terms on Statistical Data Editing (December 2000)

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Evaluating Efficiency of Statistical Data Editing: General Framework (December 2000)

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Statistical Data Editing - Volume 2: Methods and Techniques 2  (December 1997)

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Guidelines for the Modeling of Statistical Data and Metadata (December 1995)

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Statistical Data Editing - Volume 1: Methods and Techniques 1 (December 1994)

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