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UNECE and UNCTAD pool efforts to help Kazakhstan consolidate its non-tariff measures according to the international classification system

Kazakhstan has consolidated its national non-tariff measures (NTM) system according to the Multi-agency Support Team (MAST) classification system administered by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). The database was validated yesterday during a national stakeholder meeting organized at the Ministry of National Economy in Astana, Kazakhstan, and will be integrated into UNCTAD’s NTM database, TRAINS.

The Government’s decision to integrate its national NTMs into TRAINS is part of broader reform measures for removing regulatory and procedural barriers to trade in the country, building on the recommendations emerging from the UNECE study on regulatory and procedural barriers to trade in Kazakhstan undertaken in 2014. 

The decision ensures full and complete transparency, as trading partners will have access to detailed information on the country’s quality and safety regulatory requirements established under the NTMs  as well as import flows by origin for more than 150 countries. The database will also be used by the Government to further improve the dissemination of information.

The NTM database was consolidated by a national team of experts from the Ministry of National Economy, which received online and face-to-face training throughout 2017.