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Roundtable on Evidence-Based Policies for Sustainable Urban Development and Innovative Financing in Kyrgyzstan

19 February 2020

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Time: 14:00 to 18:00

Venue: Conference Hall of the State Agency for Architecture, Construction and Housing under the Government of Kyrgyzstan

The United Nations Economic Commission of Europe, UN-Habitat, UNDP Kyrgyzstan, representatives of local and national governments of Kyrgyzstan will discuss the role of evidence in developing sustainable housing and urban development policies in Kyrgyzstan and will map proposals for future cooperation in line with the requests received from the State Agency on Architecture, Construction and Communal Services and Bishkek City Council in 2018 and 2019. This roundtable is organized within the UNDA project “Evidence-based policies for sustainable housing and urban development in selected countries with economies in transition”, which is aimed to assist governments in the collection and analysis of national data on housing and urban development for the development of policies in these sectors.





Planning of joint activities on the project "Sustainable Smart City with Innovative Financing" for the city of Bishkek     ENG     RUS
Nadia Yeremenko, UNECE

UNECE/UN-Habitat Guidelines on evidence-based policies and decision-making on sustainable housing and urban development     ENG     RUS
Agata Krause, UNECE

Innovative Financing and Evidence-based Policy-making for Sustainable Urban Development in Kyrgyzstan     ENG     RUS
Pedro Neves, UNECE; Global Solutions



For more information please contact:
Nadia Yeremenko, UNECE Project Coordinator; nadiia.yeremenko@un.org; +41 (0) 22 917 39 01