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Workshop "Energy efficiency for Sustainable Cities"

30 September 2015

Yerevan, Armenia

at the 6th International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development

The UNECE Housing and Land Management Unit together with the UNDP Armenia  is organizing the workshop “Energy efficiency for Sustainable Cities” as part of the 6th International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development in Yerevan, Armenia on 29 September-1 October 2015.

The workshop is divided into two main areas: energy efficiency in buildings and energy efficiency in cities. It will address the long-term environmental and social impact of energy efficiency as a driver to enhance the sustainable growth of cities. Furthermore, it will focus on case studies and good practices which can raise awareness on energy efficiency measures in cities and allow decision makers to embrace innovation, encourage cooperation, and grant citizens a higher quality of life.

You can read more about the 6th International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development.

To participate, please register online.
Workshop agenda

Establishing a platform on EE standards in buildings
Domenica Carriero, UNECE
Practice of Armenia in increasing energy efficiency of buildings
Vahram Jalaylan, UNDP Armenia
Expected benefits of new and revised building codes of Turkmenistan
Irina Atamuradova, UNDP Turkmenistan
Methodology of building a system of urban energy management at municipal objects
Andrey Dodonov, UNDP Russia
Promoting EE in public buildings in Uzbekistan
Kakhramon Usmanov, UNDP Uzbekistan
Accelerating Energy Efficiency in Buildings
Ksenia Petrichenko, Copenhagen Center for Energy Efficiency
Passive House: an international solution for a sustainable energy future
Amina Lang, International Passive House Association (iPHA)
The Portuguese Energy Efficiency in Buildings Certification Scheme
Gabriela Prata Dias, Adene – Energy Agency
The Eco-system of residential energy efficiency in Eastern Europe
Gyorgy Sumeghy, Habitat for Humanity International, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Slovakia
Clean Energy and Water Programme
Hayk Petrosyan, USAID
Best practices: financing of EE in public buildings
Tamara Babayan, R2E2
United Smart Cities: Towards smarter and more sustainable cities
Domenica Carriero, UNECE
Ener2i - an EU funded project on linking energy research and energy innovation
Manfred Spiesberger, Centre for Social Innovation, Austria
Financing Options for Municipal EE Projects and Covenant of Mayors as a driver for Municipal EE in Georgia
Georgi Abulashvili, Energy Efficiency Center
Closing renewable energy and energy efficiency market gaps in Kyrgyzstan
Tatiana Vedeneva, Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Development (CREEED)
Sustainable energy development of Yerevan
Armen Harutyunyan, Municipality of Yerevan
Promoting energy sustainability in the small communities in Albania
Artan Leskovicu, Energy Efficiency National Agency of Natural Resources, Albania
Technical Assistance Support to Cities on Energy Efficiency Measures
Bethany Speer, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Promoting Low Carbon Development in Municipalities of Armenia
Ms. Diana Harutyunyan, UNDP Armenia

For more information on the workshop, please contact:
Ms. Domenica Carriero
Consultant, Housing and Land Management Unit
United Nations Economic Commision for Europe
E-mail: domenica.carriero@unece.org