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Eighth World Water Forum

18 - 23 March 2018

Brasilia, Brazil

The Water Convention and the Protocol on Water and Health, as well as different activities carried out under their framework, will be presented and promoted in different events organized under the different processes of the 8th World Water Forum.

UNECE will co-organize different sessions related with the three following themes: governance, climate and capacity. The UNECE Water Convention secretariat coordinates the topic transboundary water cooperation within the thematic process under the theme governance. UNECE’s contribution through presentations and inputs to special focus processes and side events will focus on the following sub-themes:

- International water law and support to transboundary water cooperation;
- Adaptation to climate change in transboundary basins;
- Monitoring, assessment and data sharing in transboundary basins;
- Integrated Water Resources Management in transboundary basins;
- Water-Food-Energy-Ecosystems Nexus approach in transboundary basins;
- Human right to water and sanitation and SDG 6 on water.



DateTime - RoomSession codeSession titleType of eventLeaderFlyer
Tuesday, 20 March 201810.00-11.30 a.m.
Room 28
Reflection panel on the implementation of Integrated Water Resources Managament (IWRM)Senegal (MHA)
11.00-1.00 p.m.
Room 41
Share Water in Africa, develop cooperation and share benefitsSide eventOSS
1.30-4.00 p.m.
Pavilion du Senegal
Side event of OMVS on transboundary water cooperationSide eventOMVS
2.30-4.00 p.m.
Room 30
Session 9.b.1
Managing water across sectors and borders: How to build efficient transbounday basin organizationsThematic session
Theme: Governance
4.30-6.30 p.m.
Room 30
Session 1.b.2
Innovative financial mechanisms for adaption to climate changeThematic session
Theme: Climate
4.30-6.30 p.m.
Room 28
Session 9.b.2
Monitoring assessment, data and knowledge sharing in transboundary basinsThematic session
Theme: Governance
Wednesday, 21 March 2018

9:00-10.30 a.m.
Room 28
Session 9.b.3
Successful negotiation and implementation of global, regional and bilateral transboundary cooperation agreementsThematic session
Theme: Governance
10.30 a.m.-12.00 p.m.
Moroccan Pavilion
Sustainable development and green growth a vital adaption to cliamte changeMorocco
11.00 a.m.-1.00 p.m.
Room 42
SE-51Addressing Water-Energy-Food-Nexus Hotspots in Transboundary BasinsSide eventWorld Bank
2.30-4.30 p.m.
Room 36
Data and tools for water management and decision makingSpecial sessionGAfWaC
Thursday, 22 March 2018

9.00-10.30 a.m.
Room 24
Session 8.d.1
How to expand support to international cooperation and capacity building to achieve SDG 6?Thematic session
Theme: Capacity
11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Room 30
SS-PT-08International mechanisms and procedures to realize the human rights to water and sanitationSpecial sessionUNECE
4.30-6.00 p.m.
Room 29
SS-TP-16Closing session of the governance them