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Poland confirms its commitment to the United Nations Framework Classification for Fossil Energy and Mineral Reserves and Resources 2009

Published: 25 June 2010


 The Polish Geological Institute-National Research Institute (PGI-NRI) and the Ministry of Environment confirmed that the data in the 2010 edition of its publication “Mineral Resources of Poland” will be prepared according to the United Nations Framework Classification for Fossil Energy and Mineral Reserves and Resources 2009 (UNFC-2009).  Professor Marek Graniczny, Deputy Director of PGI-NRI stated on 22 June “this is the first time a publication will be issued in Poland according to UNFC-2009 and demonstrates the confidence of our Ministry of the Environment and the Polish Geological Institute-National Research Institute in this global classification system and its ability to facilitate international communication and understanding in the area of energy reserves and resources.” The publication is an important source of information for people interested in the development of mining and processing industries or in using domestic mineral raw materials in their investments in Poland.

Together with the Polish Geological Institute-National Research Institute, and in cooperationwith the Polish Ministry of the Environment (Department of Geology and Geological Concessions), UNECE co-organized a workshop in Warsaw, 21-22 June on “UNFC-2009 – Theory and Practice”. The event was sponsored by KGHM Polish Copper S.A. and the Polish Oil & Gas Company.

The Workshop served to build increased capacity on UNFC-2009 in Poland; the practical application of UNFC-2009 to selected deposits in the Polish mining sector was discussed in detail, as were the significant efforts of Poland to harmonize its terminology with that of the UNFC.  Michael Lynch-Bell, Chairman of the UNECE Expert Group on Resource Classification and Partner, Global Oil and Gas and Mining & Metals Transaction Advisory Services, Ernst & Young LLP, confirmed: “The adaptation of Polish terminology to the UNFC has been carried out over many years and this workshop offered an occasion to present the results of this important work. The event was also a useful opportunity to reinforce the benefits of applying UNFC-2009, which has been designed as a flexible all-encompassing framework, enabling the incorporation and unification of existing national systems, while allowing their classification units and glossary to be retained.”

For further information, please visit: http://unece.org/energy/se/reserves.html


Note to Editors

The United Nations Framework Classification for Fossil Energy and Mineral Reserves and Resources 2009 (UNFC-2009), the global application of which is supported by ECOSOC Resolution 2004/233, is the only modern classification system in the world that has been developed to address both the minerals and the petroleum sectors using a single set of definitions. UNFC-2009, which is the simplified, generic and user-friendly successor to UNFC-2004, is a universally applicable scheme for classifying/evaluating energy and mineral reserves and resources. The principal objective of UNFC-2009 is to enhance international communication by providing a simple, user-friendly and uniform format for the reporting of energy reserves and resources, using market-based economic criteria. It has been developed to meet, to the extent possible, the needs of applications pertaining to international energy and mineral studies, government resource management functions, corporate business processes and financial reporting standards.

The key strengths of UNFC include that it can be applied directly; it provides a tool to map other classifications to one another; and, it offers a set of globally harmonized terminology and definitions for both the minerals and petroleum sectors.

The UNECE Expert Group on Resource Classification is responsible for the further development and application of UNFC-2009.  The approval of the final text of the UNFC at the end of 2009 was a significant milestone for both the Expert Group and the UNECE’s more than 60 year history in the development of energy-related classification systems.

The UNFC-2009 is available in English, French and Russian at: http://unece.org/energy/se/unfc_gen.html

Ref: ECE/SED/10/P04

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