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“What would Europe look like without the Espoo Convention?”  (6 november 2014)

There are lessons that can be learned from the measures taken to prevent, reduce and control significant adverse transboundary environmental impact under the Espoo Convention, which show the value added of the Convention for sustainable development in Europe. When in the late 1970s Czechoslovakia...
What is the future of forests in 300 years?  (27 october 2014)

Forests will play a crucial role globally in the next 300 years and beyond. Knowledge of sustainable forest management will be in high demand as forests are one of the main renewable natural resources available to humanity. Forests will be expected to help mitigate climate change, protect soil and...
Can gender mainstreaming improve the environment we live in?  (4 april 2014)

Yes, gender mainstreaming can improve the environment we live in since sustainable development cannot take place without the involvement of women as contributors and beneficiaries to this process.  Women often bear the brunt of environmental degradation, but they are also agents of change....
Is wood the material of the future?  (4 march 2014)

Wood should be considered the building material of the future for four reasons. First, wood is a sustainable building material, as it is derived from a renewable source and has low embodied energy when compared with most other structural materials. The energy consumed in managing forests,...




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