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The many benefits of real-estate information systems  (18 december 2012)

If you’re running a business and want to expand it, a delay in the purchase of additional land may mean that your competitor grabs the opportunity. If your bank can access reliable information about your property and trust in its value, you’ll get lower interest rates on your mortgage. An...
In tight economic times, international dialogue on regulations is imperative  (12 december 2012)

Because of different and often conflicting regulations, exporting a product or a large piece of equipment to more than one country can be like navigating a maze.  And the costs of complying with these regulations are further inflated by the various tests and certificates.   The United...
Comparable energy reserves and resources – why we should care  (5 december 2012)

Because the energy industry is global, it needs global standards. These should be clear and they should be consistently communicated. If you harmonize the terminology of energy reserves and resources, you get a more reliable and consistent estimate of global quantities of fossil energy. This also...
Some advice for countries that are lagging behind in technological development  (28 november 2012)

Several of Europe’s economies stand at the frontier of technological development; that is, they’re able to produce technological breakthroughs of global significance. Although some other economies are lagging behind, it’s well documented that those economies which adopt a “catch-up”...
Why retrofitting older buildings needs to be a priority.  (22 november 2012)

Energy efficiency is the greatest energy resource because it’s cheaper and quicker to invest in than alternative capacities for energy supply. The UNECE region, as a result of its cool climate, uses over 50 per cent of its energy in residences for space heating. A priority for energy-efficiency...
What trust is in these times?  (14 november 2012)

The digital economy has created remarkable examples of information—both good and bad—being published and disseminated rapidly, enabling new social and economic activities.  But we don’t have so many examples of balanced business benefits in the area of international trade. One of the...
Is Wood Energy A Green Option?  (7 november 2012)

Generating wood energy involves burning pellets, firewood and other types of wood or wood  derivatives. In the northern hemisphere, which includes most of UNECE’s member countries, wood is already the main source of renewable energy. While wood energy does emit carbon like other carbon-based...
Why innovate?  (31 october 2012)

Innovation, such as the Internet, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and even the cell phone are changing how people live and work at all income levels. These innovations have underpinned economic progress in recent years and, in spite of current turbulence, the accelerating pace of innovation...
Should diesel cars be banned from cities?  (23 october 2012)

Diesel cars have been regarded as the “green” option when choosing a car, chiefly because they’re supposed to offer better fuel consumption and lower carbon dioxide emissions. Recently, however, their image has begun to change as data become available about their emissions of harmful air...
Can we expect the unexpected?  (15 october 2012)

Atypical scenarios or “black swan events” have been suggested as causes for major disasters where our hazard identification and risk assessment methods seemed to have deserted us. These sometimes show up as hazardous scenarios that we failed to predict, or as events that occur when all the...




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