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UNECE and Climate Change (April 2016)

We are the last generation with the ability to stop climate change. If we fail, it will be a historic mistake. But there is no single “silver bullet” that can address  ...
Catalysing Change (March 2010)

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Transboundary Flood Risk Management: Experiences from the UNECE Region (March 2010)

Transboundary Flood Risk Management Final.  Read more.
Guidance on Water and Adaptation to Climate Change (March 2009)

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Governments and other stakeholders were asked to provide case studies from their national experience in implementing the five focus SDGs of the Regional Forum 2019. The case studies are compiled in this document. A selection of case studies are presented during the peer learning session at the Regional Forum. Based on these case studies, country representatives and other stakeholders share concrete policy measures, propose solutions to identified problems and discuss how best practices can be adopted by peers. Round table discussions are interactive and steered by participants.