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Winner and Finalists of the 1st Ideas4Change Award


Finalists will be invited to present their proposals at the UNECE Ideas for Change Award . UNECE will cover their travel and accommodation costs (according to UN rules and regulations).

An official award ceremony will be held during the UNECE 66th Session, at the first time ever startups’ event at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. Finalists will receive an Award Certificate during the UNECE Session. 

Delegates from 56 Member States, together with the International Expert Jury, will vote for the best proposal and the winner will receive an offer for a coaching trajectory.

The coaching trajectory  with I3P, the Innovative Enterprise Incubator of Politecnico di Torino (Italy) and SetSquared, the Business Incubator of the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey, envisages strategic assessment and revision of the business model, followed by active coaching and networking support, introducing the team to relevant partners, clients, investors and stakeholders.

Louise Pulford is the Director of Social Innovation Exchange (SIX), the largest global innovation network, since 2013. Louise was responsible for the SIX network for the 6 years prior to its establishment as an independent organization, whilst incubated at the Young Foundation. She co-manages the European Consortium of Social Innovation Europe -the European Commission flagship network for social innovation - and is co-author of studies on Social Innovation for the Bureau of European Policy Advisors. Louise regularly speaks on the value of networks and delivers social innovation workshops all over the world. Prior to running SIX, Louise coordinated a variety of projects at the Young Foundation, including the UpRising leadership programme. Louise worked for a small social issues consultancy firm in Beijing and was Chiar of Alec Dickson Trust from 2010 - 2012, a charity giving small amounts of money to encourage young people to get involved in volunteering. .

Winner of both Jury and Popular Vote



Orange Fiber from Italy

Orange Fiber produces functional textiles  -  releasing vitamins on the skin - from citrus industrial pulp resulting from orange juice production. It aims at reducing the cost and the environmental impact of citrus pulp disposal, thus creating an innovative and sustainable textile. The innovation has been developed jointly with Politicnico di Milano and was patented in Italy in 2013 and extended as PCT in 2014, when the first prototype was produced.
Orange fiber received several national and international awards, ranking among top 5 startup in Creative industries at the world level at Copenhagen Creative Business Cup 2013 and was nominated Changemaker for EXPO Milano 2015.
Take a minute to imagine all the industrial waste of citrus transformation in the world turned into a sustainable and biodegradable textile which is a cosmetic and vitamin enriched cream to wear, available for sustainable collections and conscious consumers.

Website : Orange Fiber

MEGA from Moldova

MEGA Generation is an online platform for community-based environmental/social education and eco-innovation development. MEGA Generation uses such concepts as gamification, open-source ecology, and citizen science to empower people worldwide to create a more sustainable world with their own minds and hands  and to change behavior towards a more eco-friendly one.
The Mega team received several international award and is partners to Berkeley University.

Website : MEGA

Improved Photovoltaic System -PVT from Armenia

The new type, high efficiency and cost effective solar hybrid Photovoltaic and Thermal (PVT) system, makes solar energy systems an affordable reality. The proposed PVT system is a dual solar collector generating both electric and thermal energy. It generates up to 40% more electricity than an equivalent conventional PV system with same peak output, reduces the required roof space and has much lower cost compared with separate solar PV and Thermal systems, and has increased efficiency up to 70% due to generation of both electric and thermal energy. The proposed technology allows getting maximum energy from sun with minimum cost.

Contact : rvardan@seua.am

Awarded a coaching trajectory by I3P Politecnico di Torino


Pnat - Jellyfish Barge from Italy

The Jellyfish Barge modular floating greenhouse for intensive cultivation, is able to purify sea water by using solar energy. It consists of a wooden base floating on recycled plastic drums, supporting a glass greenhouse with solar panels, which provide the low energy required to power the fans and pumps. This system represents a solution for producing food next to the final consumer without consuming land, energy and fresh water.
The Jellyfish Barge will be presented at Milan Expo 2015.

Website : Pnat

Breezometer from Israel

Breezometer’s mission is to improve the health and quality of life for billions of people worldwide, by providing accurate air quality data for consumers and businesses in a format as simple, intuitive and actionable as weather data.
Using big data analytics that allows gathering air quality & weather data from thousands of sources together with unique algorithms, Breezometer tracks and interprets the level of air quality, right down to street level,worldwide. The company provides the data to customers through API’s, apps and more.
Breezometer was named “the most promising startup company in 2014” by Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Website : breezometer


Awarded a coaching trajectory by Set Squared Partnership

AEInnova from Spain

AEInnova Waste Heat Recovery Unit (WHRU) is a system capable to convert waste heat from any hot surface into electricity.
Only in Europe in 2012, the industry lost 140 TeraWatts per hour of energy due to their waste heat emissions, the equivalent energy generated by 30 nuclear power stations.
Moreover, this waste heat, contributed in 1ºC to the global warming, corresponding to a CO2 reduction of about 14 Million tons per year.
Most WHRU use mechanical systems based on the steam machine, which increases maintenance requirements, complexity and costs.
The AEInnova product combines thermoelectric devices with the latest microelectronic technologies and wireless sensor networks to increase performace and real time monitoring, without any mechanical component and need for maintenance.
In 2014 AEinnova won the spanish EcoEmprendedorXXI award and other important national recognitions.

Website : AEInnova