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25th Session - UN/CEFACT Plenary

8 - 9 April 2019

Room VIII, Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland


Online registration to the 25th session of the UN/CEFACT Plenary is open now.


Document TitleDocument SymbolENGFRERUS
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Item 1 - Adoption of the Agenda
Item 2 - Elections
Consolidated UN/CEFACT mandate and terms of referenceECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2017/15PDFPDFPDF
Item 3 - Matters arising since the twenty-fourth session
Matters arising since the twenty-fourth sessionECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/3PDFPDFPDF
Item 4 - Bureau overview of developments
Bureau report of developmentsECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/INF.1
Item 5 - Reports of rapporteurs
Report of Rapporteur for Africa ECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/4 PDFPDFPDF
Report of Rapporteur for Asia and the Pacific ECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/5 PDFPDFPDF
Item 6 - Activities of other UNECE bodies and international organizations of interest to UN/CEFACT
Item 7 - Recommendations and standards
a) Recommendations for approval
Recommendation N°. 37: Single Submission PortalECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/6PDFPDFPDF
Single Submission Portal case studiesECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/INF.2PDF--
Recommendation N°. 43: Sustainable ProcurementECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/7PDFPDFPDF
b) Standards for noting
UN/EDIFACT Directory (versions D.18A and D. 18B)
UN/LOCODE Directory (versions 2018-1 and 2018-2)
UN/CEFACT Core Component Library (versions D.18A and D.18B)
UN/CEFACT XML Schema Library (versions D.18A and D.18B)
Update of the code list annex of Recommendation 28 (Codes for Types of Means of Transport)
Code Management User Guide
Multi-Modal Transport Reference Data Model Business Requirement Specification version 1.0
e-Quality Certificate Business Requirement Specification
c) Other deliverables for noting
White Paper overview of Blockchain for TradeECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/9PDFPDFPDF
White Paper on technical application of Blockchain to UN/CEFACT deliverablesECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/8PDFPDFPDF
White Paper in Trade Facilitation: Sectoral challenges and examplesECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/INF.3
White Paper on real-time Smart Container data for supply chain excellenceECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/10PDFPDFPDF
Green Paper on Sustainable Tourism (Experience Programs)ECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/11PDFPDFPDF
Sustainable Tourism (Experience Programs) use casesECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/INF.4PDF--
d) Implementation support material
Executive Guide on the electronic version of IMO FALECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/12PDFPDFPDF
Executive Guide on Reference Data ModelsECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/13PDFPDFPDF
Executive Guide on Electronic CommerceECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/14PDFPDFPDF
Executive Guide on streamlining formalities and documentary requirementsECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/15PDFPDFPDF
e) Other meeting reports
Report of the Fifth UNECE International Conference on Single WindowECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/16PDFPDFPDF
f) Support to capacity building and technical cooperation
Training  Module 1: Supply Chain ManagementECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/17
Training  Module 2: Facilitation of import/export proceduresECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/18
Training  Module 3: Single Window implementationECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/19
Training Material on streamlining formalities and documentary procedures connected with importation, exportation and transitECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/20
Item 8 - UN/CEFACT structure, mandate, terms of reference, and procedures
UN/CEFACT Programme of work 2019-2020ECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/21PDFPDFPDF
Mandate and Terms of Reference of the Advisory Group on Advanced Technologies in Trade and LogisticsECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/22PDFPDFPDF
Item 9 - Advisory Group on the United Nations Code for Trade and Transport Locations (UN/LOCODE)
Mandate and Terms of Reference of the Advisory Group on the United Nations Code for Trade and Transport Locations (UN/LOCODE)ECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2017/17PDFPDFPDF
Report of the UN/LOCODE Advisory Group on its second annual meetingECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/23PDFPDFPDF
Overview of activities related to the UN/LOCODE Advisory GroupECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/24PDFPDFPDF
Item 10 - Team of Specialists on Sustainable Fisheries
Mandate and Terms of Reference of the Sustainable Fisheries Team of SpecialistsECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2017/16/Rev.1PDFPDFPDF
Report on the activities of the ToSSF since the twenty-fourth UN/CEFACT plenaryECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/25PDFPDFPDF
Report of the second session of the UNECE Team of Specialists on Sustainable FisheriesECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/INF.5PDF--
Item 11 - Future challenges in trade facilitation and electronic business
Briefing note on sustainable textile value chains in the garment and footwear domain for SDG12ECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/26
Briefing note on the importance of Semantics within Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business for SDG17ECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/27PDFPDFPDF
Item 12 - Other business
Item 12 - Adoption of decisions and draft report of the twenty-fourth session
Report of the twenty-fifth sessionECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2019/2