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Trends 17/03/2009

17 March 2009

113 companies provide intermodal road-rail transport services in Europe

In 2007, 113 companies (including 8 companies providing accompanied transport services (RoLa)) provided international road-rail intermodal transport services in Europe.

This was one of the findings of a survey undertaken by UIC as part of its DIOMIS project. In 2007, a total of 18.07 million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU) was transported by these companies, of which 17.11 million (94.7 per cent) was unaccompanied and 0.96 million (5.3 per cent) accompanied. This represented an increase of 37 per cent between 2005 and 2007 for total intermodal transport in Europe.

More detailed information is available in the report of the March 2009 session of the UNECE Working Party on Intermodal Transport and Logistics (WP.24) (http://www.unece.org/trans/wp24/wp24-reports/documents/ECE-TRANS-WP24-123e.pdf).