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Joint ECMT/UNECE Working Party adopts Recommendation on "Model" Actions Plans and Partnership Agreements (20 April 2005)

On 8 March 2005, the Joint ECMT/UNECE Working Party/Group on Intermodal Transport and Logistics adopted a Recommendation to assist UNECE Governments and the private sector to increase the number and efficiency of intermodal road/rail transport services at the pan-European level. This Recommendation is expected to be endorsed by the European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT) at their meeting in Moscow (24-25 May 2005).

The Recommendation contains "model" action plans and partnership agreements that have the objective to provide a basis for the conclusion of cooperative arrangements among Governments and with the private sector to develop and improve international intermodal (road/rail) transport services. These “models”, containing also benchmarks to measure performance, have been prepared by UNECE and ECMT on the basis of the good experiences made with similar arrangements that had been concluded by countries and the transport industry to increase productivity, reliability and punctuality of intermodal road/rail transport services across the Alps, in particular through Austria and Switzerland (such as the Brenner 2005 Action Plan).

The text of the ECMT/UNECE Recommendation is attached below in English, French and Russian:

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  Russian PDF  (223Kb)

For further information, contact the UNECE Transport Division (wp.24@unece.org)