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UNECE Transport Review

The UNECE Transport Review deals with various topics related to transport and the work of UNECE. It is published electronically three times a year.

Second Edition - May 2009
Transport without borders
The second edition of the UNECE Transport Review, deals with border crossing faciliation issues. It was published in May 2009 on the occassion of the International Transport Forum which this year focuses on transport for a global economy.

Contributors span a range of experts on border crossing facilitation issues, addressing the topic from different angles and through wide geographic scope.

First Edition - November 2008
Road Safety

The first edition (November 2008) was dedicated to road safety. Thanks to prominent transport policy experts and well-known dignitaries in road traffic safety circles, the Road Safety edition of the Review contains a wide variety of articles on the many aspects of this important issue.

Excerpt from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s message to Transport Review readers:
 “In recent years, preventing injury and death on the world’s roads has gained greater prominence on the international development agenda. (…) Despite increased awareness and more dynamic efforts to improve road safety, the epidemic of road traffic fatalities and injuries will continue to be an important public health and development issue. (…) I urge UN member States and global road safety partners to foster cooperation under UN auspices. And I commend this issue of UNECE’s Transport Review to a wide global audience.”

The UNECE Transport Review is published electronically free of charge. To subscribe, please write to us infotransport@unece.org