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National Training

Training and capacity building

The UNECE undertook a survey in 20 countries on existing training courses and materials to help manage radioactive scrap metal.

In addition, this page presents a number of national initiatives in the field of radioactive scrap metal.

a) The International School for Radiological Protection (isRP), a task force within SCK•CEN (a Belgian Centre for Nuclear Energy Studies), co-ordinates and organises training programmes on all aspects of radiological protection. isRP courses are for the private sector, the political and academic world and the general public. In the private sector, the courses are aimed at personnel of the Belgian nuclear power plants, fuel production and waste treatment companies and external companies providing nuclear services. Courses are also organised in cooperation with public and private health care services. The isRP addresses the safety and emergency services within the framework of the ministries of the Interior, Public Health, Social Affairs and the Environment, Labour and Employment.

The isRP teachers are SCK•CEN staff members who have a solid knowledge in their field, and who can thus directly transfer their practical experience into the various courses. The courses are supported by extensively documented textbooks and multimedia tools, and for certain relevant subjects, with interactive software designed at SCK•CEN.

b) The SCK•CEN, under the EU’s DG RTD, offers a training Course on Preparedness and Response for Nuclear or Radiological Emergencies.


The French Institute on Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety offers courses with the following themes:

  • General procedures on radioprotection
  • Prevention and protection;
  • Rules to protect patients;
  • Risks linked to exposure to ionising radiation, notably on the « potentially damaging effects» on the embryo and foetus ;
  • Specific radioprotection procedures established in different medical sectors (radiology, nuclear medicine …) ;
  • Procedures in case of abnormal situations



Radiation Protection and Health Physics courses are offered on a regular basis at several levels, all officially recognized by the Dutch government. In addition, tailor-made special courses have been developed for among others the medical sectors, off-shore industry, fire fighting departments and nuclear power plants. It includes a course on dealing with radioactivity for metal and scrap metal industries.


Courses on radioprotection for the industry and for transporters are offered by SUVA

The UK Health and Safety Commission produced a short advice to inspectors on the potential hazards and the precautions to take should radioactive materials be found in consignments of scrap metal.

a) The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) developed a training programme for industry including CDs with step by step guidance on monitoring and managing radioactive scrap metal.

b) The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has produced a bilingual poster (English and Spanish) called "Radioactive Scrap Metal - Be Aware!" which shows some typical items that may contain radioactive scrap metal. You may download it here.

c) The Louisiana State University (LSU) has a number of training modules available as powerpoint presentations online. The modules are for users of radiation and radioactive materials. They cover:

  • Module 1: Radiation Safety At LSU
  • Module 2: Fundamentals Of Ionizing Radiation
  • Module 3: L.S.U. Radiation Safety Program
  • Module 4: Biological Effects Of Ionizing Radiation
  • Module 5: Regulations And Standards
  • Module 6: Exposure Control And Personnel Monitoring
  • Module 7: Radioactive Waste Handling, Storage And Disposal
  • Module 8: General Rules For Radioactive Material
  • Module 9: General Rules For Radiation Producing Machines
  • Module 10: General Rules For Field Use Of Sealed Sources
  • Module 11: General Rules - Animal Experimentation
  • Module 12: General Rules For Irradiator Use


d) The Radiation Safety Academy offers over 25 courses with scheduled training in Washington DC as well as web-based training. Courses include radiation safety, medical radiation safety, l ow level radioactive & mixed waste management, radiation instruments, etc.



Disclaimer : This website merely presents a selection of courses and the user should be aware that the UNECE does not specifically endorse any of them.