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Jobs in green and healthy transport (May 2020)

This study, commissioned by the Steering Committee of the Transport, Health and Environment PanEuropean Programme (THE PEP) through its Partnership on Jobs in Green and Healthy Transport, examines the economy-wide  ...
Transport for Sustainable Development - The case of Inland Transport (September 2015)

Download in PDF or e-Pub format (smartphones) The publication titled "Transport for Sustainable Development: The case of Inland Transport” is the result of the cooperation among the five Regional Commissions of the United  ...
Review of the Transport and Logistics System of the Republic of Belarus (May 2014)

The current state of development of the world economy is characterized by sharp competition for spheres of influence in major commodity markets. Economic globalization leads to a rapid growth of  ...
Transport for Sustainable Development in the ECE region (May 2011)

Transport affects social, economic and environmental sustainability. Transport links markets and individuals, making regions more competitive and promoting individuals’ social and economic development. The transport system provides the individual with access  ...
Transport without borders (May 2009)

The second edition of the UNECE Transport Review, deals with border crossing faciliation issues. It was published in May 2009 on the occassion of the International Transport  ...
Road Safety (November 2008)

The first edition (November 2008) of the Transport Review was dedicated to road safety. Thanks to prominent transport policy experts and well-known dignitaries in road traffic safety circles, the Road  ...