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Trends and Economics


The Working Party on Transport Trends and Economics (WP.5) is an intergovernmental body that provides a pan-European forum for exchange of ideas about the progress and challenges concerning sustainable inland transport across the pan-European region. The objective is to enhance the understanding of the main inland transport trends and developments in the UNECE region and strengthen international cooperation to develop sustainable Euro-Asian transport links.

In Focus

Interested in benchmarking transport infrastructure construction costs, climate Change impacts and adaptation for transport networks and nodes, good practices and innovative solutions in financing transport infrastructure? Find out more at the International Transport Infrastructure Observatory.


International Conference on “Making Euro-Asian Transport Corridors Operational”  (3rd September 2018). The International Conference will focus its work and discussions on future cooperation among Governments, IFIs, private sector and the UNECE secretariat in order to further facilitate the development of EATL corridors, eliminate if possible any non-physical obstacles and make inland transport major contributor to the economic development and trade facilitation of the region.

Workshop on “Integrated Transport and Urban Development including environmental, health and quality of life perspective” (4th September 2018).  There exist major knowledge gaps on the development of integrated transport and urban planning which undermine the developmental efforts of many ECE member States and cities to achieve sustainable transport and make progress on transport-linked environment and health objectives.

WP.5 31st session (3-5 September 2018):