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WP.29 outcomes

Adopted UN Regulations, UN Rules and UN GTRs
Status of the Agreements

The documents called "status of the Agreement" provides useful information about the Agreements and the regulations/rules adopted in the framework of these Agreements:

Here are the links to the three relevant documents:

In these documents, you will find the: 

  • Date of entry into force of an Agreement/Regulation/Amendment etc.,
  • List of Countries (Contracting Parties) applying an Agreement/Regulation/Amendment
  • Reference of the documents constituting an Agreement/Regulation/Amendment
  • Countries applying an Agreement/Regulation/Amendment
  • List of Technical Services for a given UN Regulation in a given Country 
  • Contact data of Type Approval Authorities and Technical services.

Resolutions adopted by WP.29:

Other Resolutions are under development, such as a Resolution containing information on standardized light sources, one related to the 1997 Agreement etc.