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Description of the needs and objectives of TEM project

(The socio-economic problems that UN/ECE TEM project seeks to address)


The facilitation of the international road traffic in Europe and among and through the countries participating in the project.


The improvement of the efficiency of transport operations.


The balance of gaps and imbalances existing in the transport infrastructure and more particularly in motorway network between Western, Eastern, Central and South-Eastern Europe.


The assistance of the integration process of transport infrastructure systems of Europe thus promoting the overall development of the region.

The objectives of TEM project

The objectives of the project are divided in three categories, Operational objectives, Specific objectives and General objectives. (The General objectives "outcomes" of the project are coinciding with the above mentioned needs that the project seeks to address):

(i) The operational objectives (outputs) of the project are:


The assistance in accelerating of the construction of TEM network through the identification of investment needs and priorities, investigation of financial resources needed for TEM construction and the determination of appropriate and innovative pay-back systems for use at the TEM motorway


The assistance in designing, building, maintaining, operating and administrating of the TEM motorway network on the territories of participating states


The assistance in extending the TEM by including into the basic agreed network new links oriented East-West direction across the North-South axis of TEM


The assistance in consolidating the role of the TEM in the progress of transport integration in Europe


The promotion and improvement of co-operation in all matters concerning road transport between TEM states having different levels of development


The continuation of knowledge dissemination, expertise and know-how developed so far in the TEM region to other regions of the world

(ii) The specific objectives (results) of the project are:


The co-ordinated actions of the participating countries for the creation of a Trans-European Motorway (TEM) network, that will form a system of high capacity roads ensuring an adequate quality of service for traffic by providing safety, speed and comfort, based on commonly accepted and adopted standards and practices recommended for use by all TEM countries. This network shall:


Link the Northern and the Southern and South -Eastern parts of Europe, from Baltic Sea to Adriatic, Aegean and Black Seas, via the participating countries


Ensure a balanced system for transportation of goods and people between countries of Eastern, Central and Western parts of Europe, in particular those situated along its North - South axis


Satisfy the transport demand of long - distance and international traffic by offering an efficient and convenient mode of transport


Constitute an important transit artery between the participating states linking them with adjacent states of Europe, North Africa and Central Asia