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Latest Documents

Report of the 45th session of SC.3/WP.3


Corrigendum to the provisional agenda for the 45th session (25-27 June 2014)

ILO presentation
Presentation on Working and living conditions in inland navigation in the European region (Hyunsoo Yoon, Technical Officer, Maritime and Transport International Labour Organization)

ECE/TRANS/SC.3/WP.3/2014/17 (French)
Amendment proposals to chapter 15 and Appendix 1 (Resolution No. 61)

ECE-TRANS-SC3-WP3-2014-inf 24e
Draft Work Plan of the International Expert Group on Mutual Recognition of Boatmasters’ Certificates and Harmonization of Professional Requirements in Inland Navigation

ECE-TRANS-SC3-WP3-2014-inf 13e
Document for the 24th meeting of the CEVNI Expert Group

Amendment proposals from the fourth to the fifth revised edition of CEVNI (CEVNI Expert Group)

ECE-TRANS-SC3-WP3-2014-inf 13e
SC.3/WP.3 June 2014: list of working and informal documents

ECE-TRANS-SC3-WP3-2014-inf 23e
Resolution No. 31: review of legal instruments in the area of professional requirements in inland navigation

ECE-TRANS-SC3-WP3-2014-inf 21e
Input from the European Boating Association on the development of the fifth revised edition of CEVNI

ECE-TRANS-SC3-WP3-2014-inf 22e
Addition of the “large vessel” definition and impact on other CEVNI articles


ECE-TRANS-SC3-WP3-2014-inf 20e

Amendment proposals to chapter 15 and Appendix 1 (Resolution No. 61)

ECE-TRANS-SC3-WP3-2014-inf 16e
International Certificate for Operators of Pleasure Craft (Resolution No. 40): Latvia acceptance

ECE-TRANS-SC3-WP3-2014-inf 11e
Split of Resolution No. 60 into to two new resolutions

ECE-TRANS-SC3-WP3-2014-inf 17e
Minor errors and discrepancies between the different languages versions of amendments to CEVNI 4th revised edition

ECE-TRANS-SC3-WP3-2014-inf 18e
Updates to the Inland waterway infrastructure data (Belarus)

ECE-TRANS-SC3-WP3-2014-inf 19e
International conference on restoration of the E40 waterway connection between the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea (Brest, Belarus, March 2014)

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