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Rail Transport

The Working Party on Rail Transport (SC.2) is an intergovernmental body which provides a pan-European forum for exchange of technical, legal and policy information and best practices in international rail transport.

The objective is to promote rail transport in UNECE member countries and to ensure its economic efficiency and environmental sustainability (more).


24–26 November 2014
SC.2 decided on the development of an International Observatory on Rail Security (Working Document SC.2 No. 2), took action for the implemmentation of Annex 9 of the Harmonization Convetion for the facilitation of rail border crossings (informal document SC.2 No. 2) and decided with the cooperation of TER project on a common methodology for the development of a Master Plan on High-Speed Trains (Working Document SC.2 No. 4).

7 June 2013
The Report ad Hoc Workshop PPP Schemes Railways Financing is out, see the publications page.