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The Working Party on Rail Transport (SC.2) is an intergovernmental body which provides a pan-European forum for exchange of technical, legal and policy information and best practices in international rail transport.

The objective is to promote rail transport in UNECE member countries and to ensure its economic efficiency and environmental sustainability (more).

Latest Documents

ECE/TRANS/SC.2/221 (English)
Annotated provisional agenda for the 68th session (24-26 November 2014)

ECE/TRANS/SC.2/GEURL/2014/11 (French)

ECE/TRANS/SC.2/GEURL/2014/11 (Russian)

ECE/TRANS/SC.2/GEURL/2014/11 (English)
Unification of international railway law with the objective of allowing rail carriage under a single legal regime: Draft of relevant legal provisions

ECE/TRANS/SC.2/GEURL/2014/9 (French)
Provisional agenda for SC.2/GEURL on its 9th session

Meetings and Events

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