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Rail Transport

The Working Party on Rail Transport (SC.2) is an intergovernmental body which provides a pan-European forum for exchange of technical, legal and policy information and best practices in international rail transport.

The objective is to promote rail transport in UNECE member countries and to ensure its economic efficiency and environmental sustainability (more).


24 January 2018

study on railway reform in the ECE Region has just been published by UNECE.

28 March 2017

At the request of delegations, the Working Party on Customs Questions affecting Transport (WP.30) will continue its discussions on the draft Convention on the facilitation of border crossing procedures for passengers, luggage and load-luggage carried in international traffic by rail as part of its 146th session, on Thursday 15 June 2017, as of 10.00 hours, Room XXVI, Palais des Nations in Geneva. Delegations from the Working Party on Rail Transit (SC.2) are cordially invited to attend this part of the session. For more information, please refer to the agenda of the 146th session of WP.30.

22–24 November 2016

During the first day of the session (22 November 2016) a high-level conference concerning the current situation in, and taking a holistic approach on, international rail passenger traffic on the route East-West took place. The workshop took stock of the main challenges that international rail passenger traffic faces on the East-West route. Security, missing links, levels of service, cost of tickets, lack of cooperation among the railways in order to establish long trip services (one ticket, one time schedule), VISA and border crossing delays, interoperability and technological integration, and several legal regimes are the main challenges that railway passenger traffic faces today.

24 November 2016

Governments agreed on a concrete road map towards the finalization of the new Convention on the facilitation of crossing of frontiers for passengers and baggage carried by rail. Following this decision taken the Working Party invited interested countries to take action and finalize the draft Convention as well as to inform the UNECE secretariat for their willingness to sign and ratify this new Convention when finalized.