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Transport Security in the Pan-European Context

Round-Table: "Transport Security in the Pan-European Context: Selected Issues and Options" 8 February 2006, Geneva




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Opening statement - Mr. Paolo Garonna, Deputy Executive Secretary, UNECE



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Presentations by rapporteurs on selected topics:


Transport security at borders in the context of the WCO Framework of Standards to secure and facilitate Global Trade - Mr. S. Royals, Technical Officer, World Customs Organization (WCO)



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Security aspects to be taken into account in the construction and maintenance of infrastructures of the inland transport sector - Mr. R. Harris, Director, Intelligent Transport Systems, Faber Maunsell Ltd



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Lessons learned from ILO/IMO Code of practice on security in ports in the context of inland terminal and inland port security - Mr. M. Meletiou, International Labour Organization (ILO)


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Improving transport security through the introduction of requirements for personnel in the context of access to the profession - Cpt. C. Piersall, Chairman of technical committee ISO/TC8



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Presentations by selected Government representatives on experiences and lessons learned in enhancing security in the transport modes covered by the UNECE and the above defined cross-cutting issues:


Ms. J. Drury, Brussels Representative, Transport Security Administration, United States



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Mr. W. Elsner, Head of Unit, Transport of dangerous goods and intermodal security, DG TREN, European Commission



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