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First Interregional Workshop

First Interregional Workshop and visit of African port’s experts to Barcelona port
On Policy, Infrastructure and Management of Ports in ECE and ECA region
(Barcelona, 4-5 October 2007)

Programme   PDF (32 KB)

List of Participants
  PDF (39 KB)

  PDF (70 KB)

Opening Speeches

  Ms. Marie T. Guiebo, Economic Affairs Officer, NEPAD and Regional Integration Division (NRID), ECA   ----
  Mr. M. Adamantiadis, Chief, Transport and Infrastructure Development section, ECE   PDF (125 KB)

Item 1 - Major policy, infrastructure and management developments in ECA and ECE region related to ports

  Developments in European Ports:Constarints and Challenges    
    Presentation by Mr. F. Van de Laar, European Sea Ports Organization (ESPO)   PDF (972 KB)

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) and its port-related activities

  Presentation by Mr. M. Meletiou, International Labour Organization   PDF (3,311 KB)

Initiatives of the UN ECE Working Party on Transport Trends and Economics in relation to seaports

  Presentation by Mr. M. Pesut, Economic Commission for Europe   PDF (1,247 KB)

Focusing on Euro-Mediterranean region

    Presentation by Mr. S. Aciman, Director General, Transport Study Center for the Western Mediterranean (CETMO)   PDF (2,218 KB)

Item 2 - Sharing experiences on port’s policy, infrastructure and management – ECE region

  Freight villages and ports – the case of Barcelona freight Village    
  Presentation by Mr. Santiago Bassols, General Manager CILSA, ZAL Port of Barcelona   PDF (4,748 KB)
  Barcelona Port    
  Presentation by Mr. Santiago Garcia-Milà, Deputy managing Director Strategy and Development   PDF (1,905 KB)
  Other Spanish experiences    
  Presentation by Mr. Alvaro Rodriguez Dapena, Planning Development Director, Puertos del Estado   PDF (1,387 KB)
  Greek experiences    
  Presentation by Mr. C. Platias, Scientific Expert, General Secretariat of Ports and Ports policy, Ministry of Mercantile Marine   PDF (2,755 KB)
  Turkish experiences    
  Presentation by Mr. E. Dincer, Chief operator, Prime Ministry Under secretariat of Maritime Affairs, General Directorate for Merchant Marine   PDF (2,471 KB)

Item 3 - Sharing experiences on port’s policy, infrastructure and management – ECA region

    Algeria experiences    
    Presentation by Mr. E. B. Mohamed, Deputy Director of Port, Ministry of Transport, ALGERIA   PDF (83 KB)
    Burundi experiences    
    Presentation by Mr. M. Shirambere, Deputy Director, Exploitation of the Port Bujumbura, BURUNDI   PDF (36 KB)
  Djibouti experiences    
  Presentation by Mr. A. Omar Hadi, Commercial Director, Port of Djibouti, DJIBOUTI   PDF (2,865 KB)
  Ghana experiences    
  Presentation by Mr. R. Darku, Stevedore Manager, Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, GHANA   PDF (1,116 KB)
  Ivory Coast experiences    
  Presentation by Mr. J-C. Kouame Kouakou, Chief of Department, Port of Abidjan, IVORY COAST   PDF (558 KB)
  Kenya experiences    
  Presentation by Ms. M. Mabruki Adari, Senior Officer, Kenya port Authority, KENYA   PDF (2,711 KB)
  Mozambique experiences    
  Presentation Mr. V. Chiteve, Commercial Representative, Mozambique Ports and Railways, MOZAMBIQUE   PDF (372 KB)
  South Africa experiences    
  Presentation Mr. W.J. Roux, Port Manager, Transnet National Ports Authority, SOUTH AFRICA   PDF (5,520 KB)


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