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Public consultation on the UNECE strategy for the  promotion of
Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)


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Policy field

International Transport – Intelligent Transport Systems

Consultation period

Now – July 2011


Objective of the Consultation

UNECE believes that ITS are the future because they can make transport more efficient, safe, green and connected. But as we know, the deployment of ITS has come up against various obstacles.

UNECE is addressing ITS-related matters in a cross-sectoral way in its working parties on road transport, road safety, vehicle regulations, rail, dangerous goods, border crossing facilitation and inland waterways.

An ITS background document for information has been developed in collaboration with the Italian ministry of transport and SINA.

The strategic note has been prepared by the secretariat to which we invite your comments.

Following the public consultation the strategic note will be finalized and the UNECE Road Map on ITS with a timetable of actions will be prepared.

The UNECE Road Map on ITS will deal with the primary concerns of how governments, international organizations and UNECE in particular can promote the deployment of ITS, and what key policies and actions in the pursuit of these aims should be; in the short, medium and longer run.

The UNECE vision for the future of ITS is the transformation of inland transport into an effectively managed, well-integrated, universally available and affordable system that provides for the safe, secure, efficient and economically viable mobility of people and cargo; a system that enhances customer satisfaction and is compatible with environmental concerns.

All stakeholders and organisations involved in ITS are invited to respond to the public consultation. UNECE is equally interested in getting the views of citizens, governments, business associations and relevant stakeholders. If there is any further issue on ITS on which you would like to comment please feel free to do so.

Target groups

Governments; regional and local authorities; infrastructure managing companies in the different transport sectors; transport service providers / operators; research institutes; financial institutions; non-governmental organisations; business associations and citizens are welcome as well to contribute to this consultation.

How to submit your contribution

Stakeholders are invited to contribute with answers to the questions of their concern and are invited to mention the section in the Background/Strategic note they might referred to. In addition, general comments are more than welcome. Contributions could be submitted via e-mail consultation@unece.org.

If stakeholders wish to submit best practices on ITS that could have a general interest they are warmly invited to attach them to their e-mail. If you do not wish your contribution to be made public, please indicate this in your reply. In that case, no reference to your input will be made in future UNECE documents that may refer to this consultation.

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