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Road Safety Forum (WP.1) Roundtable

Road Safety Forum (WP.1) Roundtable: "Are we victims of development success"?
Palais des Nations, Geneva - 23 September 2009



The UNECE Road Safety Forum –  Working Party on Road Traffic Safety (WP.1) – organized a roundtable to give experts an opportunity to debate what has become a paradox of our times: despite improved awareness, safer vehicles and road infrastructures, better training of drivers, and more expedient trauma care, the casualties and the fatality rates due to road traffic crashes continue to rise.

Discussions focused on four major aspects of improved road traffic safety, each of them being introduced by a keynote speaker, followed by a discussion where participants presented national cases and shared relevant experience.

Critères pour un développement fiable des infrastructures
Federico C. FERNANDEZ ALONSO,, Deputy Director, Traffic Management and Mobility, Spain
French PDF (2.4 Mb)
Road Safety - Infrastructure as a key factor
Antonio ERARIO, Head of Division, International Regulatory Affairs, Italy
English PDF (440 Kb)
ISO-39001 Development
Andrew PEARCE, CEO, Global Road Safety Partnership
English PDF (312 Kb)
Road Safety - Actions and Perspectives
Vassiliki DANELLI-MYLONA, President,  Road Safety Institute, Greece
English PDF (1.9 Mb)
IRF Statement
Nathalie PEREIRA, Acting Project Manager, Road Safety, International Road Federation (IRF)
English PDF (172 Kb)
Is Improving Behavior the Key? A view from the US
Donald MCNAMARA, Transportation Consultant, USA
English PDF (421 Kb)
Presentation from Moldova
Viorel BULIMAGA, Secretary of Road Traffic Safety Commission, Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova
Russian PDF (3.8 Mb)
Criteria to serve safe road infrastructure development
Liljana SHEKERINSKA GJORGJEVIKJ, Transport Specialist, World Bank Country Office in Skopje
English PDF (155 Kb)
Road Safety in Turkey
Yuksel CELIK, Police Chief Superintendent Director, Turkish National Police Road Traffic Research Centre
English PDF (3.7 Mb)
Effective Enforcement
Rohit BALUJA, Presiden, Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE)
English PDF (5.5 Mb)
Road Safety in Ukraine Russian PDF (517 Kb)