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"Red" and "blue" TIR Carnets

5 June 2003

Problems related to the termination of the issuance of so-called “red” and “blue” TIR Carnets - REMINDER

In line with earlier information (see News of 25 March 2003) the International Road Transport Union (IRU) and its member associations have stopped the issuance of so-called “red” and “blue” TIR Carnets to TIR Carnet holders as per 31 May 2003.   Since that day only so-called “black” TIR Carnets, with a number above 38,000,000, preceded by a 2-letter security code, are issued.

The IRU has informed the UNECE secretariat that some of its members have reported problems when presenting still valid “red” or “blue” TIR Carnets at Customs offices.

Therefore, Customs administrations are reminded once more, that, all TIR Carnets which have been taken into charge at any Customs office of departure within the time-limit, set by the issuing association as indicated under item 1 on the front cover of the TIR Carnet, will remain valid until the completion of the TIR transport at the Customs office of destination.

In this particular situation this means, that any “red” or “blue” TIR Carnet, taken into charge by any Customs office of departure within the time-limit set by the issuing association (normally: 60 days) remains valid until the TIR transport is terminated at the final Customs office of destination.   Customs administrations are urgently requested to pass this information on to their Customs officials, in order to avoid any unnecessary delays at border-crossings.


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