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The Contracting Parties to the TIR Convention launched in 2003 the so-called “eTIR Project”, aimed at providing an exchange platform for all actors (Customs authorities, holders and guarantee chains) involved in the TIR system, known as the “eTIR international system”. The eTIR international system aims to ensure the secure exchange of data between national Customs systems related to the international transit of goods, vehicles or containers according to the provisions of the TIR Convention and to allow Customs to manage the data on guarantees, issued by guarantee chains to holders authorized to use the TIR system.

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eTIR: Towards Paperless Cross-border Trade

This study is a joint effort by UNECE, ESCAP and IRU to present the characteristics, features and potential benefits of the eTIR system, as well as future opportunities for all actors.

TIR and eTIR in the ESCAP region

UNECE, in collaboration with ESCAP, prepared a Policy Brief for the  2014 Asia-Pacific Trade Facilitation Forum held in Bangkok on 24-25 September 2014. The objective of this brief is to shed light on the current use and benefits of the TIR Convention in the ESCAP region and raise awareness about the computerization of the TIR procedure (eTIR project).


eTIR Reference Model – Version 4.1a (EN/ FR/ RU)

The reference Model contains the full description of the TIR Procedure Computerization Project. This document is intended to facilitate the work of the Informal ad hoc Expert Group on Conceptual and Technical Aspects of Computerization of the TIR Procedure and to provide modelling support.