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List of eTIR focal points

The network of eTIR focal point is aimed at ensuring an adequate distribution of the eTIR project information as well as allowing Contracting Parties that do not directly participate in the meetings of the Informal Ad hoc Expert Group on Conceptual and Technical Aspects of Computerization of the TIR Procedure (GE.1) to provide their contributions to the project.

Roles and responsibilities of eTIR focal points.

Currently the following eTIR focal points have been nominated:


Contracting Party Email Contracting Party Email
Afghanistan - Lithuania

Albania Luxembourg -
Malta -

Moldova -
Azerbaijan Mongolia
Belarus Montenegro -
Belgium Morocco
Bosnia and Herzgovina - Netherlands
Bulgaria - Norway -
China Pakistan
Croatia Poland
Cyprus Portugal -
Czech Republic Romania
Denmark Russian Federation
Estonia Saudi Arabia -
France Slovakia
Georgia Slovenia -
Germany Spain
Greece - Sweden

India - Syrian Arab Republic -
Iran (Islamic Republic of) - Tajikistan -
North Macedonia
Israel - Tunisia -
Italy Turkey
Jordan - Turkmenistan -
Kazakstan - Ukraine

Kuwait - United Arab Emirates -
Kyrgyzstan - United Kingdom

Latvia Uzbekistan
International Road Transport Union European Commission -