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First WP.29 football match - Kicking for Road Safety, 21 June 2011 Geneva

Flyer of the event

The World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP.29) is the unique Forum for globally harmonized UN Regulations on vehicles.

For nearly 60 years now, WP.29 is setting the best safety and environment performance requirements for vehicles all around the world!

UN Regulations are adopted by the Contracting Parties at WP.29 and are directly transferred into national law. This makes the UN Regulations part of your everyday live when on the road, e.g. for the safety requirements of your seat belt, child restraint or braking system.

Governments, experts and stakeholders work at WP.29 to adopt the best safety requirements for vehicles to safe lives on the worlds road.

For more information on the work of WP.29, please consult our FAQ and the "Blue book".