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Guidance Material

White paper is a guidance document which provides either a best practice view of a given topic or provides suggested ways forward without going to a formal recommended practice.

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Technical Note on Terminology for Single Window and other electronic platformsThis document provides the key elements for an official definition of Single Window, and proposes an alternative vocabulary for mechanisms that are similar in nature or function to Single  Windows but do  not  satisfy  all  of  the  criteria  of  Recommendation N° 33. The objective is to create a controlled vocabulary in order to be clear about the scope and nature of any given mechanism. English
Reference Data ModelReference Data Model is a methodology to organize data into logical groupings, creating a subset of the larger UN/CEFACT Core Component Library. Such groupings encourage interoperability and accountability throughout the international supply chain. English
Paperless TradeThis joint paper with the World Economic Forum seeks to provide an overview of the history and base principles of paperless trade. It brings support to the articles of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement English

Green Papers study a given topic and provide suggested ways forward or approaches. There is not yet a clear suggested way forward and the paper lays out multiple scenarios in view of eventually proposing a way forward through a White Paper or a Recommendation.

Guidelines provide technical assistance for implementing UN/CEFACT standards.


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Reference Data Model (RDM) GuidelineThis guideline includes material that focuses on the business community doing further discovery and analysis work. Some of the contents of this guideline are not typical of this type of technical document. However, they are critical for successful adoption and standardization in this area to move forward.  English

Executive Guides are developed in order to provide a high-level overview in a single page of a given UN/CEFACT deliverable. They are meant to give a quick overview and explain where to find further information on the topic..

UN/EDIFACTOne of the cornerstone of UN/CEFACT standards, UN/EDIFACT provides a centrally maintained and controlled syntax that has been stable since the 1980s
Core Component Library and Core Component Technical SpecificationThis is one of the bases of UN/CEFACT’s role as semantic hub in the international standardization community. CCL is an encyclopedia of all information which is pertinent in international trade.
Small Scaled Lodging House Information ProcessTourism is a major economic sector for many countries around the world. This standard helps smaller lodging facilities to promote their national tourism and diversify their tourism market.


These brochures are aimed to provide general information on UN/CEFACT and its work.