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List of Trade Facilitation Recommendations N°. 6 to 10

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Recommendation N°. 6 - Aligned Invoice Layout Key for International Trade
Download as package [ZIP]
ECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2010/8/Rev.12011Recommendation 6 - Revised AnnexPDF PDF PDF
ECE/TRADE/C/CEFACT/2008/52008Recommendation 6 - New AnnexPDF - -
ECE/TRADE/1481983Recommendation N°. 6 PDF   
Recommendation N°. 7 - Numerical Representation of Dates, Time and Periods of Time
Download as package [ZIP]
TRADE/WP.4/INF.1081988Recommendation N°. 7 PDF   
Recommendation N°. 8 - Unique Identification Code Methodology - UNIC Download as package [ZIP]
TRADE/WP.4/INF.1191992Recommendation N°. 8 PDF   
Recommendation N°. 9 - Alphabetic Code for the Representation of Currencies Download as package [ZIP]
ECE/TRADE/2031996Recommendation N°. 9 PDF   PDF
  ISO 4217 currency names and code elements
(periodic updates by ISO)
Recommendation N°. 10 - Codes for the identification of Ships Download as package [ZIP]
1997Revision of ECE/FAL Recommendation N°. 10 - Note by the SecretariatPDF   
TRADE/WP.4/R.12741997Revision of ECE/FAL Recommendation N°. 10 - Note by the SecretariatPDF PDF PDF
1996Revision of ECE/FAL Recommendation N°. 10 - Note by ICSPDF   
TRADE/WP.4/INF.521978Recommendation N°. 10 NotePDF