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TEXTILE4SDG12 - ECE TRADE 439 (December 2017)

As the second most polluting industry, the textile sector is responsible for a large portion of the world’s CO2 emissions and industrial waste, not to mention the exploitation of “indecent”  ...
Trade Facilitation and Paperless Trade Implementation - UNECE Regional Report 2017 (ECE/TRADE/438) (December 2017)

Background and objective Facilitating trade is about streamlining and simplifying international trade, particularly import and export procedures, transit requirements and procedures applied by Customs and other agencies (UNECE-UN/CEFACT). With the rapid  ...
Information Management in Agrifood Chains: Towards and Integrated Paperless Framework for Agrifood Trade Facilitation (December 2015)

International trade in agricultural and food products is more complex than trade in manufacturing – trade regulations are stricter, paperwork is more cumbersome and logistics are more complex. These elements  ...