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First quarterly Newsletter: Machinery for pesticide application

Legal Acts in the EU in the area of technical harmonization: adopted or proposed during the last quarter


    Machinery for pesticide application



21 OCTOBER 2009



-  negotiations concluded

-  published in OJ EU L 310 25. 11. 2009

-  Celex No.: 32009L0127

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The description of the agenda:

The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union admitted of negative impact of pesticides for human health. In accordance with the 6th action program for environment the negative impact of pesticides have to be declined.
Accordingly the changes include the revision of relevant legal framework and work out the thematic strategy of sustainable use of pesticides.
The thematic strategy has 5 main aims:

  • to minimize hazards using pesticides for human health and environment,
  • to improve the quality of controls using and distribution of pesticides,
  • to replace the most hazardous pesticides with alternatives,
  • to support cultivation with low addition of pesticides or completely without using pesticides,
  • to create transparent system of reports and monitoring of progresses.

Aims and benefits:

  • protection of environment and human health,
  • introduction of follow-up measures for creation requirements for protection of environment which have to fill the new machinery for pesticide application, before it will be place on the market and put into operation,
  • establishment of system for regular servicing and control using machinery,
  • new machinery for pesticide application must not unnecessarily threaten the environment.

Difficulties and disputed points:

  • rapport between proposal and framework directive,
  • certification with producer or with third party,
  • legislative coherence within the New approach,
  • pesticides definition,
  • requirements for machinery for pesticide application.

Time sequence:

5. 9. 2008

Adoption by Commission

5. 9. 2008

Transmission to Council and to EP

3. 12. 2008

First Working Party (WP) during the FR PRES

16. 12. 2008

WP during the FR PRES

19. 1., 2. 2., 20. 2., 13. 3. and 23. 3. 2009

WP during the CZ PRES

25. 3. and 7. 4. 2009

Committee Permanent Representatives

22. 4. 2009

EP opinion 1st reading

9. 7. 2009

WP Jurists/Linguists

24. 9. 2009

Council Approval

21. 10. 2009

Signature by EP and Council

25. 11. 2009

Published in OJ EU L310, pages 29 – 33

Entry into force:

This Directive shall enter into force on the 20th day following its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union.

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