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Declaration for Gender Responsive Standards and Standards Development

Welcome to the Gender Inclusive Standards Declaration website

The declaration is the result of the Gender-Inclusive Standards Initiative work that started in 2016.

It aims to assist national standards bodies and standards developing organizations in identifying actions they can take to support the creation of gender responsive standards. These include:

  • improving the gender balance of participants in standards development,
  • ensuring that the content of standards is gender responsive and
  • monitoring standards implementation to achieve gender balance

The declaration suggests three groups of commitments that standard-setting bodies can make:

1. Working towards gender balanced / representative and inclusive standards development environments

2. Creating gender responsive standards and

3. Creating gender responsive standards bodies.

National standards bodies and standards developing organizations are encouraged to sign the Gender Responsive Standards Declaration, create a gender action plan for their organization and share data, information and best practice on the implementation of the action plan.

Download the Gender Responsive Standards Declaration and Annex to the Declaration

The following organizations have signed the declaration: