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Dr. Somnuk Keretho

Somnuk Keretho is the founding Director of Institute for IT Innovation (INOVA), a research and development institute of Kasetsart University, Thailand, specializing in ICT-enabled innovation, trade facilitation and e-logistics initiatives including Single Window strategic planning and implementation, enterprise information architecture for e-government and e-business, business process analysis and improvement, data harmonization and modeling, ICT-related standards and interoperability, e-transaction related laws, and process-oriented quality software engineering. He has leaded several ICT strategic projects at organizational, national and regional levels. For the past seven years, he has assisted Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, National Economic and Social Development Board, Ministry of Transport, Port Authority of Thailand, and Ministry of Agriculture in architecting “Thailand Single-Window e-Logistics” related projects including its national e-logistics strategy, implementation plans, interoperability and standards, harmonization and simplification of import, export, and transport-related documents and procedures, automatic electronic-gate systems development for the Bangkok Sea Port and the Leamchabang Sea Port, and several related software development projects.
Several of those projects are being aligned somehow with several regional and international collaborations, in which Dr. Keretho has actively engaged mostly related to trade facilitation, single window and paperless trading initiatives through UNESCAP, UNECE, APEC and ASEAN. He has played several roles in catalyzing the creation of and actively contributing to the United Nations Network of Experts for Paperless Trade in Asia and the Pacific (www.unescap.org/unnext), and providing some technical supports to the APEC Paperless Trading and ASEAN Single Window Initiatives. He is the main author of the UNNExT Business Process Analysis Guide, the UNNExT Data Harmonization Guide and an upcoming UNNExT Guide for Single Window Planning and Implementation.