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Meeting on a sectoral project on Equipment for Explosive Environments

6 November 2007

The first meeting of the Sectoral Initiative on Equipment for Explosive Environements (SIEEE) was held on 6 November 2007. It was the opportunity for participants for participants to expose the situation concerning such equipment in their respective countries. They discussed the IEC Ex scheme and decided to launch a Sectoral Initiative following the model proposed in Recommendation L of the Working Party.

The meeting discussed the current regulations and regulatory practices on major markets in SIEEEs, and difficulties that industry is encountering. Participants agreed:

• To work on a comparison table detailing the different approaches and situations in various countries;
• To strengthen regulatory cooperation in this sector on the basis of Recommendation “L”.

A report of the meeting and a list of participants are available.

Programme of the meeting

Overview of UNECE WP.6 Model “L”: Mr Christer Arvius, Chair, WP.6

Experience of Australia - Mr John Waudby, Senior Inspector of Electrical Engineering, Mine Safety, New South Wales Department of Primary Industries [ppt]

Experience of China - Mr Weijun Liu, Vice Chair and Chief Technical Supervisor, IECEx scheme [ppt]

Experience of the Russian Federation: Mr Serguei Mokrousov, Russian Federal Service for Environment, Industry and Nuclear Supervision [ppt]

ATEX Directive 94/9: - Mr Fabrizio Sacchetti, European Commission Enterprise Directorate General [ppt]

The United States System for Hazardous (Classified) Location - Mr Uwe Klausmeyer of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, Berlin Germany

IECEx Scheme: Mr Chris Agius, IECEx Secretary [ppt]

List of participants [.pdf]

Report of the meeting [.pdf]