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Meeting of the Bureau, Rapporteurs and Coordinators, START Team and MARS Group

27 - 29 May 2009

Stockholm, Sweden

1. Adoption of the agenda

2. Follow-up to the WP. 6 annual session in November 2008 and preparation of the 2009 session:

    Report of the WP. 6 session 2008    ENG  RUS
    Programme of work and table of priorities    ENG  RUS
    Draft Agenda 2009 Annual Session
    Conference on Risk Assessment and Management

3. Structure and role of the WP. 6 bureau and rapporteurs

    Organizational Chart

4. Sectoral projects: Earth-Moving Machinery

    Earthmoving equipment-Current CROs    ENG  RUS

    Earthmoving equipment_ Proposal for revised CROs

5. Market surveillance (MARS) group: update and future work

    General market surveillance procedure
    MS Terms and definitions first draft
    Pending fundraising proposal MS to fight counterfeit

6. First meeting of the Sectoral Initiative on Safety of pipelines

    Safety of pipelines questionnaire     ENG  RUS
    Safety of pipelines compiled answers

7. Fourth meeting of the Sectoral Initiative on Explosive Environments Equipment

    Equipment for Explosive atmospheres Summary and Conclusions
    Equipment for Explosive atmospheres updated replies

9. Outreach: reorganization of the WP. 6 website, brochures, leaflets, Publications

    Regulatory cooperation brochure

10. Reports on recent meetings & participation in forthcoming events

11. Other business

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